Phase two

Phase Two

After having known and worked with you for the past year, we’ll ensure you’re prepared to enter the world of work and will have a variety of job matching options to suit you.

We’ll find the perfect job for you based on your skills, interests, ability and ambition. Through a deep understanding of job requirements, we work alongside Connextions to match you with an employer that’s right for you, ensuring you’re comfortable and confident in the workplace.

Our job coaches analyse work duties performed in a range of jobs across sectors, identifying specific tasks which are best suited to particular students.

We then work directly with you to gain a thorough understanding of your skill set, enabling us to shape job roles and work with employers to create a position that is best suited to your strengths, helping you to make a seamless transition into employment.

Alternatively, we can help match your skills, knowledge and experience to live job vacancies to ensure you’re applying for positions that are right for you. By practicing interview skills and techniques, you can feel assured that you have the confidence and experience that leads to employment.

In your second year you’ll start your full Supported Internship, meaning you’ll spend three days a week with your employer and two days with us at NSI.

A job coach will be on hand to help you settle in and it’s likely you’ll be assigned a ‘buddy’ through your employer – so you always have support within your role whilst you work towards becoming totally independent.

During your internship you’ll be treated the same as any employee and be expected to behave like one; dress smartly and appropriately, arrive on time and complete the tasks asked of you in a timely and efficient way.

During your two days at NSI, you’ll continue your Maths and English, as well as completing enterprise and employability skills, PHSE and activities with the Warren, such as creative studies, music, sport and trips.

Using your experience and with the help of our friendly team, you’ll get the opportunity to apply for internships as well as permanent roles.